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Creating frisbee memories since 1986

Founded on the legacy of an orange frisbee named Coupe in 1986 near Oslo, the journey began when Eirik Petersen sold fifty of these iconic discs. Sune Wentzel, a key figure in the story, acquired one, sparking a narrative that led into the exciting world of disc golf production. Champions Espen Møkkelgjerd and Svein Roger Maan joined early, contributing to the core team and helping achieve groundbreaking Guru equipment in both discs and disc golf bag design.

The mission at Guru Discs is to empower the creative minds of disc golfers worldwide, providing them with the tools needed to craft unforgettable and magical moments on the course. The goal is to offer disc golf players of every level the opportunity to unlock experiences they may not have thought possible. This commitment is reflected in the dedication to embracing and driving positive changes in the sport through hard work, innovative design, and a passion for what is done.

 Located in Oslo since inception, Guru Discs considers the city home. The first spark was ignited at Ekeberg in 1986, and the initial store, opened off a shoe rack at Tokerudberget, laid the foundation for a close-knit community. The relationship with every customer entering the store has always been at the core of what is done. Disc golf is believed to be the world’s best social sport, and efforts are made to contribute to maintaining this status, starting with engagement with each other and customers. Whether purchasing discs, bags, or other equipment, the aim is to build friendships and create lasting memories together. As passionate fans of every aspect of the wonderful game, sharing time and enthusiasm to talk about disc golf comes naturally.


During the growing years, there was a shop in Oslo city center. However, in 2012, Guru found its permanent home at Østre Aker vei 203, just 6 km from where it all began with a shoe shelf at Tokerudberget. Offices are shared with sibling company Guru Disc Golf and parent company Sune Sport. Visitors are invited to stop by and experience the best off-course disc golf offerings in Norway, where the commitment to community, friendship, and the love of the game is evident in every interaction.

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