Want to build a Disc Golf Course?

Enhance the local community with a disc golf course – an easy, affordable, and engaging outdoor activity for all generations.

With over 25 years of experience, Sune Sport stands as Norway’s leading experts in course and course design. We offer complete solutions from planning to installation and completion. Our experienced team has a wide-ranging understanding of what it takes to create a course that suits your needs. Sune Sport has undertaken numerous projects across the country. Whether you are in the initial stages or need assistance in redesigning an existing facility, we are here to help you realize your dream course. Contact us today, and let’s together create an exciting disc golf experience that will delight players for years to come!

What is Disc Golf?

The sport originated in the USA in the 1960s, shortly after the invention of the frisbee (disc). There are over 14,048 (2022) disc golf courses worldwide, with a global growth rate of around 15% in the last 10 years. In Norway, the number of courses has more than doubled in the last 5 years, with over 600 courses in total. A significant part of disc golf’s appeal lies in its simplicity, allowing everyone to play on their own terms. Disc golf is a modern sport that combines exercise, social interaction, and the joy of the surrounding nature. 

Disc Golf - a "peoples sport"

Disc golf, also known as frisbee, has evolved from a niche hobby to a popular sport for people of all ages. The sport is thriving globally, with over 2000 disc golf courses in Scandinavia alone. It appeals to everyone, from school-aged children to the elderly, providing an exciting recreational activity. Disc golf attracts those who have left other sports, seeking a new and engaging leisure pursuit. The game is easy to understand, affordable to participate in, and highly engaging. The fundamental principle of disc golf closely resembles traditional golf, but instead of clubs and balls, players use golf discs with various shapes and weights, each serving different purposes. Rather than a hole in the ground, the goal in disc golf is a metal basket. The player with the fewest throws during the round emerges as the winner.

10 reasons to establish a disc golf course

1. A disc golf course is a cost-effective facility.

2. Suitable for everyone, regardless of age or gender.

3. Can be set up in various areas.

4. Engaging and encourages participation.

5. An affordable activity; all you need is a frisbee costing 130-250 kroner.

6. Low-maintenance equipment.

7. Accommodates multiple players simultaneously.

8. A well-designed and challenging disc golf course attracts players from the entire region.

9. Ideal for school and community activities.

10. Disc golf is a lifelong hobby.

Get started with UDisc!

UDisc offers a map of all courses installed in Norway and around the world.

The Design Process

A professional course design is a crucial factor in ensuring a lasting activity.

Disc golf is at its best when the holes require different throwing techniques. A good disc golf course has variation in length, shape, vegetation, and elevation if possible. We also consider aesthetics in our design to ensure a pleasant playing experience. With this approach, the area will be utilized to its best potential according to the agreed-upon plan. As our client, you will get the most out of your disc golf course.

When designing a 9-hole course, we typically spend 2-3 days. An 18-hole course is usually designed within 4-6 days, depending on the course level.

The 3 phases of course design:

1. Project evaluation/site visit
2. On-site course design
3. Map drawing

Before the actual course design, we will go through the area with someone familiar with it. The goal is to consider the terrain, vegetation, boundaries, and other uses of the area. After this, our designer will start laying out holes. When the designer finishes laying out the holes, they will review them with the area manager for approval. In the final phase, tee signs and info boards will be drawn, sent for proofing, and approved before printing.

Safety Is Key

Safety is an essential consideration when designing a disc golf course.

The use of the entire area is taken into account in the design, and any safety conflicts are clearly marked on the course signage. Potential conflicts are specified on the tee sign for each hole. The aim of professional course design is to create a disc golf course that is safe and challenges players at various skill levels. We always discuss with you, as the client, your preferences and the target user group for the course. Disc golf is often played in areas with other activities such as walking, dog walking, or other sports. It is a low-threshold activity, attracting players with varying skill levels, and we take this into account in the course design. A golf disc is a fast-flying object that can cause harm if it hits people or other objects. While it is impossible to completely eliminate this risk, professional course design significantly minimizes it. It is crucial that the holes do not compromise safety. When designing a course, we consider the use of the entire area.

Design Principles

Follow these priciples to ensure a safe and well designed course that will run smoothly.

  • Keep the course away from playgrounds, walkways, or buildings.
  • Position the throwing direction to minimize the risk of errant throws.
  • Plan holes with minimal crossing of walkways, only if there is good visibility.
  • Avoid holes that intersect with each other.

What equipment do I need?

These are the building-blocks for a successful disc golf course.

The Basket

Specially designed for Norwegian conditions, our permanent baskets offer durability for all seasons. Approved by the PDGA (Professional Disc Golf Association), they guarantee the highest international standards. With a hot-dip galvanized and powder-coated finish, our baskets combine durability with aesthetics. Our baskets are produced in Europe for the best possible quality.


A teesign provides crucial information about the hole and enhances the overall gaming experience. Graphics are directly printed on a 3mm aluminum plate, making it tamper-proof. Our signs are made with a durable structure and a galvanized frame, allowing them to withstand all weather conditions year-round. Printing is not included.


The information board is usually the first thing you encounter on a disc golf course. It provides users with a comprehensive overview of the course and rules. Many also use it to display sponsors who have funded the course. Our boards are made with a durable structure and a galvanized frame, allowing them to withstand all weather conditions year-round. Printing is not included.

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