Donic Schildkröt

Elevating Table Tennis Excellence with Premium Equipment

Donic provides equipment to numerous well-known top players and is a highly esteemed brand in the table tennis world. The traditional German brand Schildkröt has been in the market for well over 100 years, acknowledged as the inventor of the modern table tennis ball. Today, Donic-Schildkröt is a market leader in hobby-level table tennis in Central Europe. The equipment is manufactured in Schildkröt’s own factory in China, which is BSCI certified, ensuring adherence to European standards for social and environmental working conditions.

Founding Legacy: 

In 1889, Friedrich Bensinger and associates laid the cornerstone for Schildkröt, establishing «Rheinische Gummi und Celluloid Fabrik» in Mannheim-Neckarau—a pivotal moment birthing a legacy transcending generations.

Iconic Turtle Trademark: 

The turtle logo, registered in 1889, signifies Schildkröt’s enduring commitment. Mirroring celluloid products, it symbolizes excellence in dolls and table tennis, standing the test of time.

Evolution in China: 

Witnessing product evolution, Schildkröt, in 1989, established the first western table tennis manufacturing plant in China. This marked a crucial juncture, reshaping Schildkröt’s global presence.

Global Excellence Today: 

Since 1989, Schildkröt’s table tennis products are exported to over 70 countries, embodying a legacy of excellence on the world stage.

Modernization and Certification: 

Responding to rising manufacturing costs in China, Schildkröt’s factory underwent systematic modernization and automation. The commitment to excellence culminated in the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) certification in 2009, aligning with high European standards for social and environmental conditions.

Environmentally Friendly Practices: 

The year 2012 saw Schildkröt solidify its commitment to sustainability with FSC® certification. This allowed the utilization of environmentally compatible wood from specially selected plantations, emphasizing responsible practices.

Easy Choice System: 

Simplifying racket selection based on skill levels, Schildkröt’s intuitive system assists players in choosing suitable products, enhancing their overall gaming experience.

Quality Levels and ITTF Approval: 

Schildkröt’s quality levels, represented by distinct colors, provide a clear guide for players. All rubbers from levels 300 to 7000 are approved by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF), ensuring adherence to global standards.

Sponge Thickness and Power Levels: 

The color-coded guide aids players in understanding power levels, allowing personalized gameplay experiences based on the thickness of the sponge.

Innovative Technologies: 

Embracing innovation with Carbon, ABP, PLS, AVS, Ergonomic, and Cork Handles, Schildkröt enhances performance and comfort, setting itself apart in the competitive realm of table tennis.

Schildkröt’s Commitment to Comfort: 

Placing a premium on player comfort, Schildkröt features like the Ergonomic Handle and Cork Handles ensure optimal and enjoyable gaming experiences, making every match a pleasure.

Schildkröt epitomizes a harmonious blend of tradition, innovation, and quality in the world of table tennis. From its historic roots to modern innovations, Schildkröt continues to be a leading force, delivering excellence and enjoyment to players of all levels worldwide.