Reinventing the game of disc golf.

Founded in 2006 in Finland with grand visions for the sport, Discmania has consistently challenged design, production, and flight characteristics. They proudly stand by their motto, «Reinvent your game» and Discmania offers a wide range of discs in various price ranges and plastic qualities, ensuring everyone can find their next favorite disc. 

In 2019, Discmania partnered up with Latitude 64 and Yikun discs, allowing them offer multiple line-ups of discs, in a variety of styles and price ranges. Their fifteen-year long partnership with Innova Discs ended in 2021, as Discmania began producing discs in their own, brand new, state-of-the-art, factory.

In 2023, Discmania became part of House of Discs, a large parent-company, that has ownership in the disc golf brands Latitude 64, Westside Discs, Dynamic Discs and Kastaplast. House of Discs invests in the growth of disc golf as a whole to ensure that each brand, including Discmania, receives the financial assets and professional expertise to grow to a level that elevates the sport to new heights.