Specialising in electronic Dartboards and arrows. 

Welcome to CatDart – where we keep darts fun, fuss-free, and downright awesome! We’re all about bringing a good time to your game, whether you’re a dart pro or just throwing for laughs.

CatDart's Electronic Dartboards

CatDart’s electronic dartboards are made to amp up the excitement without any complications. Easy to use, built to last, and designed to keep the good times rolling – our boards are a game-changer for every level of player.

Precision-Engineered Arrows

Get ready to hit the bullseye with arrows that mean business. CatDart arrows are all about balance and accuracy, making your throws feel spot-on every time. No frills, just thrills.

Compatibility That Clicks

Worried about your arrows and dartboard not hitting it off? Fear not! CatDart ensures a perfect match, so you can focus on your game, not on tech issues. Seamless compatibility, because ain’t nobody got time for hiccups.

Why CatDart?

Tech That Works: Our electronic dartboards keep up with your game, without any unnecessary complications.

Arrow Affinity: Feel the precision with arrows that make hitting the target a breeze.

No-Nonsense Compatibility: We’ve got your back with products that just click together – easy peasy.

Choose CatDart for a laid-back, awesome darting experience. It’s not rocket science; it’s just good, clean fun. Let’s throw some darts and make memories!

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