Alfa Discs

Norwegian-made and sustainable discs and bags. 

Alfa Discs is a Norwegian disc golf brand, operated by a family-owned business located in Hokksund, Norway. Founded with a mission to offer locally produced discs, Alfa aims to contribute to the growth of disc golf in Norway and beyond.

In 2021, Alfa Discs launched their first disc, the Apollo, which was both designed and manufactured in Norway. The release of Apollo marked a significant milestone for the brand, as it represented their commitment to producing high-quality discs domestically.

Since the success of the Apollo, Alfa Discs has expanded its product line to include a range of discs, bags, and accessories. They are committed to sustainability in disc golf manufacturing, aiming to minimize environmental impact while producing high-quality equipment.

Alfa Discs’ dedication to local manufacturing and quality craftsmanship has earned them a growing reputation within the disc golf community, and they remain a key player in the Norwegian disc golf scene.